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Kool-Aid Celebrates Area 51 With UFO-Yeah Intergalactic Green Flavor  RADIO.COM

Find out how you can purchase a limited-edition UFO-Yeah Intergalactic Green Kool-Aid canister in Chicago to celebrate Area 51!

UFO Conference returns to the Danbury Library

UFO Conference returns to the Danbury Library - Danbury, CT - Historic Danbury area mass sightings of massive V shape UFOs of the 1980's will be revisited as ...

Why Is NASA Investigating A UFO Sighting In Spain?  International Business Times

NASA is reportedly investigating a UFO sighting during a torrential storm in Spain. Based on a video taken during the incident, a silver saucer-like vessel ...

  1. UFOs Are Real — and You Were Never Supposed to See Them, Military Official Says
  2. UFO videos of mysterious aircraft spotted by military pilots are real, US Navy says  The Independent
  3. Navy confirms 'unidentified' aerial phenomena in videos posted by Blink-182 singer  SYFY WIRE
  4. Navy confirms UFO videos are real: What we know  WDIV ClickOnDetroit
  5. View full coverage on Google News

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