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How Much Protein Should You Actually Be Getting & Is All Protein Created Equal?

All you ever wanted to know about protein: The research-backed benefits, how much to eat, the best animal- and plant-based sources, and more.

Former world No. 1 Ken Flach's widow gives added meaning to his life  Tennis Magazine

The four-time Grand Slam doubles—and two-time mixed doubles—champion passed away 18 months ago at the age of 54, losing a brief battle with sepsis.

68-Year-Old Man With Vitiligo Knits Dolls To Inspire Children Who Suffer From the Same Condition  News18

João Stanganelli, a 64-year-old man from Brazil, suffers from Vitiligo. He was 38 when the signs of Vitiligo started to be visible in him. A disease that affects ...

Polycystic ovarian syndrome: Treat the underlying cause, not just the symptoms of PCOS  Times Now

On the occasion of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Month, doctors are urging to treat the underlying cause of PCOS, instead of just dealing with its ...


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