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‘Tenth Muse’ author Catherine Chung on how history, math and the pay gap informed book  San Francisco Chronicle

In Catherine Chung's second novel, “The Tenth Muse,” an extraordinary female mathematician born in the 1940s is working on solving one of the world's most ...

Russian accounts pushed fake Rubio tweet warning of British spy threat to US elections  NBC2 News

A network of suspected Russian accounts promoted a fake tweet purportedly sent by Sen. Marco Rubio claiming that a purported British spy agency planned to ...

Three questions answered by the winners of the BMC 'Cancer Awareness' poetry competition - On Medicine  BMC Blogs Network

Diversifying the discussions about cancer can increase support and inclusion in the cancer community. In this Q&A, we speak to Aida Cavalic and Shari Rhodes ...

Kathleen Hale Came For Her Goodreads Critic. Then The Internet Came For Her.  BuzzFeed News

Five years ago, Kathleen Hale wrote an essay for the Guardian — about targeting a Goodreads reviewer — that nearly ended her career. Now, she's back with a ...


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